Eli and the Tree of LifeX

December 2016, for Zauberwald Lenzerheide

«…and until today the story of the magical tree is passed down from generation to generation. So they would never stop appriciate their abundance. So they would never again forget the miracle of nature.»

In cooperation with Claudio Rainolter, Kyra Maude Richner and Nadine Cocina. Illustrations by Clio Wolfensberger.

An interactive light installation tells the story of Eli and her village. The main focus is a magical tree, with which we want to guide you into a fairytale. In touching the tree you give life back to it and close the circle between human and nature again. The miracle of growth takes its course and shows nature on one hand as something overwhelmingly beautiful and strong, but at the same time the fragility that we have to protect.

Tree of Life Tree of Life Tree of Life Tree of Life Tree of Life

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